7 weeks post transplant

CPMC ….7 weeks…all is well
Selfie from top of parking garage at CPMC
Tim wanted to do a Dirty Harry jump in the streets of San Francisco
Picnic in the car with a beautiful view thanks for the tip Bob Tigert
Waves crashing on rocks
Priceless!!! My love
Our day together
Getting out of the city and back to the country where we belong

So…Dr said everything looks great…they’ll do an ultrasound just to take a look and then we can go to their satellite office in Modesto next time…thank goodness, cause we aren’t SF people…what a grueling day of driving in traffic…left home at 7:30am and back in Lodi at 5pm…from parking to appt and back we were only there an hour and 15 minutes…then our lunch stop..the rest was in the 🚘….😳

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  1. So happy to hear that Tim is doing great as well as the Family. All of us here at Davita wish you all the best! Love seeing all the positive updates and Family pics!!!

    1. Thank you all for following our posts about Tim and his surgery and recovery. Tim appreciates so much what you all did for him and the relationships that he made with you.

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