9 weeks and counting

So…first getaway since surgery….since it was my (Julie) birthday, we headed to Murphy’s for the weekend….just getting away and spending time together is awesome….we drove over to Black Oak Casino and checked it out and had lunch there….Tim is selling his Jeep and we replaced it with his dream car….it’s a 2015 Challenger…..can’t afford the classic one, so we went with the new version, we love it!! Then we came home on Sunday which was my actual birthday, and our kids fixed us an awesome dinner and we all went into our silo on the ranch and did a little Sunday Gunday therapy….had fun shooting some cans of shaving cream…..Tim and I love having our family with us as much as possible……thank you all for following Tim’s progress….he has been building a deck on the back of our house and doing plenty of yard work…..you just can’t stop this guy….LOL…..he went back to work at 6 weeks, which keeps his busy too. Below are pics of our grandkids…..Jett who as you can see loves his little sister is 4 1/2 and Peyton just turned one on March 26th, and thats their beautiful mama, our oldest daughter Ashley. This is just a portion of our amazing family.

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