A Real PKD Kidney

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I know that people may not want to see what a real kidney that is affected with PKD looks like, but this is the reality….both of Tim’s original kidneys are the size of footballs. Now with his new kidney those nasty old things are out of commission and hopefully will not need to be removed at a later date but that does sometimes happen, since they were not causing him any pain, they opted to leave them in as it is quite extensive to remove them at the same time as doing a transplant. Some people have a lot of pain with PKD, but Tim was fortunate that way.

4 WEEKS!!!!!

Can you believe it has been 4 weeks today since Tim got his transplant!!! He is doing great and blood work has been awesome….One more week of twice a week labs and then only once a week….His blood pressure has gone down tremendously as well. Tim’s energy level and humor is back.

3 weeks later

Today Tim and Marc had their 3 week follow up appt in San Francisco….great news for both…Marc can start playing golf and just about everything else…in about 3 more weeks Tim can start working out…all Tim’s blood work looks great!!!

A time to remember

Yesterday was 2 years since Tim’s mom lost her fight against PKD…after being on dialysis for almost 9 years, her heart gave out…we miss her everyday. In honor of this special day our family got together with Grandpa Allen and had dinner at Sizzler, her favorite place..we love that our kids all wanted to be included❤️❤️❤️


Tim’s creatinine levels are down to almost normal…..so exciting….normal being .70 to 1.33…..his was over 10 the day before surgery and now it is down to 1.7. He is feeling much better as the first 2 weeks were rough getting comfortable, but he is taking daily walks and you can just tell that he feels better. Friday we go back to SF for a follow up visit and Marc is going for his follow up as well. I hope to remember to get a good picture of the 2 of them now that they are on the mend. I will update after the appt.

National Donor Day 2/14/19

In honor of National Donor Day, I found these awesome shirts…I think Marc should have them all😉….also if you’ve ever thought about donating either as living donor or You can register as a deceased donor…as you never know what tomorrow brings and there are so many recipients in need….