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So I’ve had people tell me they’re not sure how to comment on a post, so I found that if you scroll to where it lists all the titles of my posts, you click on one and that is where it will let you make a comment, then I will get a notice to approve it. I’d love to hear your feedback on my blog…of course if I don’t like it, I won’t approve it….LOL…just kidding, if there’s any info you’d like to see please let me know. Tomorrow we go back to SF for another follow up, so I’ll update again after that

Good News!!!

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So…our children have a 50/50 chance of having PKD…we just found out that Cody DOES NOT have PKD!!!!! He just recently got tested and was cleared…..the girls have not yet been tested…when the Dr. told Cody he should be checked, they scheduled his ultrasound and let him know that his portion was $480…”affordable healthcare” at it’s best!! Anyway he went ahead and did it so that he would know. We are so excited for this good news and will hope the best for both of our girls. These are my people and my world!!! Cody has found an awesome young lady who has stolen his heart and we couldn’t be happier!! Things are going his way!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

World Kidney Day

Yesterday was World Kidney Day so I wanted to share some facts…..also Today marks 6 weeks since transplant….and guess who is going back to work on Monday…things are going great and we go for a follow up visit next Friday

Day trip -cabin fever

Today Tim and I along with our son Cody and his girlfriend Chelsea took a day trip to Bodega Bay and Dillon Beach…the ocean is so relaxing and just getting away from home for awhile felt good…Tim was just ready to go anywhere. One more week at home and then I think he’s going back to work…I hear he’s missed…


If you are able, consider kidney donation, there are so many people out there in need…Tim’s donor Marc doesn’t for a minute regret his decision to have this surgery and to help Tim. He is doing so well that he will probably go back to work this week…it is just amazing how the body can heal itself so quickly. There are many places that you can donate thru but the hospital we went thru is California Pacific Medical Center …CPMC…..if you are so inclined to see if you are a possible donor for someone, go to

A Real PKD Kidney

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I know that people may not want to see what a real kidney that is affected with PKD looks like, but this is the reality….both of Tim’s original kidneys are the size of footballs. Now with his new kidney those nasty old things are out of commission and hopefully will not need to be removed at a later date but that does sometimes happen, since they were not causing him any pain, they opted to leave them in as it is quite extensive to remove them at the same time as doing a transplant. Some people have a lot of pain with PKD, but Tim was fortunate that way.

4 WEEKS!!!!!

Can you believe it has been 4 weeks today since Tim got his transplant!!! He is doing great and blood work has been awesome….One more week of twice a week labs and then only once a week….His blood pressure has gone down tremendously as well. Tim’s energy level and humor is back.

3 weeks later

Today Tim and Marc had their 3 week follow up appt in San Francisco….great news for both…Marc can start playing golf and just about everything else…in about 3 more weeks Tim can start working out…all Tim’s blood work looks great!!!